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Breastfeeding Support Services


Shannon McLennon LLLCL, Doula, IBCLC
Member, Hamilton Regional Lactation Committee
Member, BFI Committee, Black Creek CHC
For Breastfeeding Support in the Privacy of your Own Home

What is a Lactation Consultant (LC)?

Lactation consultants are health care professionals with specialized knowledge and clinical expertise in breastfeeding and human lactation. Lactation consultants educate women, families, health professionals, and the community about breast feeding and human lactation; facilitate the development of policies which protect, promote, and support breastfeeding; act as advocates for breastfeeding as the child-feeding norm; and provide holistic, evidence-based breastfeeding support and care from preconception to weaning for women and their families.

How Do Lactation Consultants Compliment the Healthcare Team?

There are many ways LCs compliment the healthcare team.

  • Evidenced-based care plans that support each mother's goals for breastfeeding
  • Staffing out and inpatient breastfeeding clinics
  • Facilitate breastfeeding support groups
  • Pre and postnatal breastfeeding counselling

Why use the Services of a Lactation Consultant?

While many mothers experience very little challenges while breastfeeding, others face far greater struggles.  Some mothers have common questions about basic technique.  

There are some mothers who face far more complex breastfeeding situations and may require ongoing support once discharged from hospital or encounter challenges once at home.

A lactation consultant can a be a key factor in getting off to a good start or helping you along the way.


All consultations are done in your home.  This ensures the Mother learns how to breastfeed comfortably.  Shannon will complete an assessment that may include discussing present knowledge base, medical history of mother and baby and birth and breastfeeding history.  She will also observe a breastfeeding session.

Based on what is manageable for the mother, this assessment will be used to formulate a plan of action and follow up.


  • Prenatal breastfeeding education sessions
  • Basic Breastfeeding Management
  • Anatomy and physiology of breastfeeding
  • Slow weight gain
  • Illness and special babies; pumping
  • Twins and tandem nursing
  • Return to work / other separations
  • Introducing solids and weaning
  • Understanding biological norms


  • Health Promotion
  • Guest speaking

Shannon does private lactation consulting in the Greater Hamilton Area including Halton, Haldimand, Niagara ;and Brantford on MondaysFridays and Saturdays.

You can contact her at to make an appointment to come to your home.